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(permitted with the Coconino National Forest)

Healing From The Heart is the place to go for a Sedona Spiritual Vortex Tour.


Sedona Vortex Book



"It is better to visit one vortex site and come away empowered, than to visit

numerous vortexes and return only with a sense of having been there."

Cynthia Tierra- your Vortex Guide  with Healing From The Heart


What is aVortex?


A vortex is natural power point where energy can be felt and experienced.


On your Sedona vortex tour I will show you a method to connect

with the energies.

If you are seeking a unique personalized spiritual experience, choose a Spiritual Vortex Tour

with Healing From The Heart.


Go off the beaten path to feel the vortex energy.




At the secret Earth Mother Vortex, enter her womb to safely release your burdens.


Manifest your dreams at the Manifesting Stone Vortex.



Call on ancient wisdom and balance your energy at Bell Rock vortex.


Every Sedona Spiritual Vortex Tour with Healing From The Heart is different.

I will serve as your personal guide. The Loving Universe is my guide.


Going To A Sedona Vortex Can Change Your Life


"The vortex had its own effect on me, and it was

noticeable.My heart was shining full of a light that

engulfed my whole body, and exploded into a whole new

layer of energy, 8-10 feet larger than my regular aura.

Most of all, I felt a sense that everything was beautiful like  

it should be. Like being a child again, on a

sunny day."

— Courtni H., pizzareia owner, Long Island, NY


"When we arrived at the vortex, I felt the energy and knew

amazing things were going to happen. I have been carrying

so much pain and guilt all my life. I knew this was the

place to let it all go. I knew that this was part of letting go

and a new beginning for my soul."

— Rachel E,  consultant, Scottsdale, AZ

Rates are hourly. There is no extra person charge.

$100 -$300 (based on the amount of time involved at $100 an hour)

Spiritual Sedona Vortex Tour

Go with Cynthia Tierra (your personal guide) to a Sedona vortex or multiple vortexes.

Learn a method to connect with and experience the energy.


$300 Day Rate

Combination package (3 hours or more)

At a Sedona vortex, I will show you a method to connect with the energy.

We can spend all our time on a vortex tour, or and you can go to a vortex and choose from

other services that you desire (maybe get a psychic reading or have a healing treatment.)


 Note: Sedona Spiritual Vortex Tours require walking.

If you have limited mobility, we will plan based on your abilities.


Look into your heart and see if I am the right guide for your

Sedona Spiritual Vortex Tour.

If you decide I am the guide for you, email:



Want to learn more about SedonaVortexes?

Not sure how to get there?

or even what they really are?


Sedona Vortexes A Guidebook for the Spiritual

Traveler is written from a spiritual perspective.

For only $10.00, get vortex information that is not

available from any other source.

This guidebook contains everything you need to know

about the vortex areas of Sedona, including a map.

Learn about ; The History of Sedona Vortexes;

What Is A Vortex? How Vortexes Got Their Names;

The Location of Major Sedona Vortexes.

and Other Vortex Areas In Sedona.


To order a printed copy

(available only  in the continental United States)

click on the button below

For overseas purchases

or to order extended Ebook version,

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Healing From The Heart offers Sedona Spiritual Vortex Tours that honor the land

and its sacred history.

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