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Sedona the place to go for Vortex Tours

Healing From The Heart the place to go for a spiritually focused Sedona Vortex Tour

Cynthia Tierra - your Sedona Vortex Tour Guide


Want to experience the energy of a Sedona vortex?

With with a professional healer serving as your personal guide, go on a

spiritually focused vortex tour.

Are you looking for a different kind of vortex tour than the usual jeep tour? Sedona Vortex tours with Healing From The Heart are a private spiritually centered experience, only you, me (your private guide and healer), nature and The Loving Universe.


Vortex Tours

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Sedona Vortex Tours with Healing From The Heart

The emphasis of Sedona Vortex Tours provided by Healing FromThe Heart is on quality, not quantity. It is better to visit one vortex site and come away empowered than to set foot in numerous vortexes and come away only with a sense of having been there.


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Read about Sedona Sacred Land

"Sedona is so beautiful and with this affordable price and Cynthia's knowledge of the special holy sites, you are getting a glimpse of pure peace. The whole trip was great"
— Angela U., bus driver, Tucson, AZ

"The awesome vortex sites were inspiring and transforming. Words don't really express how grateful I am for this experience."
— Carla C., ER nurse, Jeffersonville, NY

"We can not begin to tell you how special you day was with you - healing, energy filled, spiritual, beautiful - all of Spirit's good things given to us through you. Thank you for one of the most beautiful days in my life."
— Mary S., retired teacher, Chicago, IL

"Thank you! With your assistance, I was able to become wide open in order to receive the lessons The Universe gave me. You are a wonderful facilitator. Continue to spread the message"
— Diane B., nurse, Bullhead City, AZ

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What is a Vortex?

Vortex sites are natural energetic power points. At a vortex site, energy can be felt and experienced.

The energy of a vortex helps realign your energy.


With a concentration of vortexes, Sedona is one of the major power points on our planet.

Feel the vortex energy

On your Sedona vortex tour I will show you a method to connect with the energies.

If you are seeking a unique personalized spiritual experience, rather than a typical vortex tour for tourists, choose a Spiritual Vortex Tour with Healing From The Heart.

Going To A Sedona Vortex Can Change Your Life

"The vortex had its own effect on me, and it was noticeable but inconcrete. My heart was shining full of a light that has engulfed my whole body, and exploded into a whole new layer of energy, 8-10 feet larger than my regular aura of energy. Most of all, I felt a sense that everything is beautiful like it should be. Like being a child again, on a sunny day."
— Courtni H., pizzareia owner, Long Island, NY

"My husband and I spent my 38th birthday with Cynthia. We have had our rough spots in the last six months, so this was a healing time for both of us. When we arrived at the vortex where the Native Americans believe all humankind was birthed, I felt the energy. I felt the healing and knew amazing things were going to happen. I have been carrying so much pain and guilt around with me all my life for many different reasons from various situations in my life. I knew this was the place to let it all go and say goodbye to it forever. I haven't cried like that before, as I knew that this was part of letting go and a new beginning for my soul."
— Rachel E,  consultant, Scottsdale, AZ

A Sedona Vortex Tour with Healing from the Heart
takes you on a spiritual adventure into nature.

Not all vortex sites are well known. Some are secret places. Even the well promoted vortex sites have back sides and secret entrances.

  • Go off the beaten path to places most tourists don't go to experience vortex energy.
  • Connect with nature.
  • Get in touch with your inner guidance.
  • Be present in the experience and allow for whatever is meant to be.

Every Sedona Vortex Tour with Healing From The Heart is different. Cynthia Tierra, Holistic Health Practitioner and Reiki Master, will serve as your personal guide. The Loving Universe is her guide.

Because Cynthia Tierra  works intuitively, at the vortex site, the nature of the experience is spontaneous and personal.

Your options and prices:

Your Sedona vortex tour can be a brief one hour introduction to vortex energy or take up to three hours, depending on your budget and the location of the site(s) that best fit your energy and interests.

$8.50 on site purchase price ($10 with shipping included or expanded ebook version)

Go on your own to vortex areas with my guidebook. Get a personally signed copy of  Sedona Vortexes A Guidebook for the Spiritual Traveler by Cynthia Tierra with a map and directions to several Sedona vortex areas.

All rates are hourly, very affordable for individuals and small groups. There is no per person charge.

$100 -$300 (based on the amount of time involved at $100 an hour)

Sedona Vortex Tour Go on a guided tour with Cynthia Tierra (your personal guide) to a Sedona vortex or multiple vortexes. Learn a method to connect with and experience the energy.

You may also choose sound healing at a Sedona vortex. Or get an energetic balancing at avortex.

$300 Day Rate

Combination package (3 hours or more): At a Sedona vortex, I will show you a method to connect with the energy. We can spend all our time on a vortex tour, or and you can go to a vortex and choose from other services that you desire (maybe get a psychic reading or have a healing treatment)

The descriptions below are based on general characteristics of the individual vortex areas. Due to the nature of the energy, your experience will be unique for you. If any of the sites below calls to you, please request them. Otherwise I use Intuitive Divine Guidance to match you to a Sedona vortex area(s)


Connect with Mother Earth to heal.


              Go to The Earth Mother Vortex at a secret site where ancient peoples once held ceremonies.

               In a guided meditation enter her womb. Feel safe and protected.

Manifest your dreams at the Manifesting Stone.

Walk up a secret mini trail and sit in an area of powerful vortex energy. At a shrine beneath the Manifesting Stone Vortex, manifest your dreams.

Clear your past issues. Release your problems and set yourself free.

The energy at this Sedona vortex will help release all that no longer serves a purpose in your life Sit on top of the Mesa Vortex and feel the energy clearing and cleansing your being.

Feel Ancient Egyptian energy at the Sedona Sphinx.

Call on Ancient Egyptian deities to share knowledge with you. Reawaken the universal human spirit within yourself at the Sphinx Vortex.

Sorry, this vortex is now inacessible for regular vehicles. If you have a 4 wheel drive, we can still go here.

Your dreams can come true.

Participate in an ancient ceremony at  medicine wheel and present your desires and wishes to The Loving Universe beneath 1,000 foot canyon walls of the Cliffs of Remembrance Vortex.

Have questions about your life direction? Need to balance your energy?

Call on ancient wisdom and balance your energy at the Bell Rock vortex site.


Are you looking to connect with the playfulness and magic of fairy and nature spirit energy? or seeking to become one with strength and courage of bear energy?     or to connect with the Divine energy of angels? There are vortex areas in Sedona for each of these.

A Sedona Vortex Tour with Healing From The Heart is not a commercial tour. Commercial tour companies take numerous visitors on tours with set itineraries and schedules. Healing From The Heart works with you to plan your personal spiritual experience based on your      needs and desires. Your vortex tour can be a one hour brief introduction to vortex energy or take a few hours, depending on your budget and the location of the site that best fits your energy and interests.

Your spiritual guide, Cynthia Tierra, a healer with 25 years experience, will match you with vortex sites. 

A Vortex Tour with Healing From The Heart focuses on your spiritual needs.

Note: Sedona Vortex Tours require walking.

If you have limited mobility, we will plan based on your abilities.

Want to schedule a Sedona Vortex Tour in Sedona with Healing From The Heart?

Sedona Vortex Tours are scheduled by individual request. To schedule email: cynthiatierra@hotmail.com


Working with you to continue your personal and spiritual growth is an honor.

Healing From The Heart has provided quality personalized spiritual experiences since 1999.

I am grateful for the trust you have placed in Healing From The Heart over the years.

I strive to earn and keep that trust.


Want to learn more about Sedona Vortexes?
Not sure how to get there? or even what they really are?

Read Sedona Vortexes A Guidebook for the Spiritual Traveler  an informational guide from a spiritual perspective. For only $10.00, get vortex information that is not available from any other source. This guidebook contains everything you need to know about the vortex areas of Sedona.

Learn about ; The History of Sedona Vortexes; What Is A Vortex? How Vortexes Got Their Names; The Location of Major Sedona Vortexes; Other Vortex Areas In Sedona; Going To A Vortex Can Change Your Life; How To Make Your Vortex Experience The Best It Can Be. Also get valuable information for spiritual visitors about visiting Sedona.

This useful publication even has precise directions and a Vortex map.

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Sedona Sacred Land
by Cynthia Tierra

 With its magnificent rock formations, Sedona is unlike any other place on earth. Visitors who stare in awe at the red rocks are probably unaware they are standing on land that was once submerged. Two billion years ago Sedona was located near the South Pole and was part of the supercontinent Rodinia. As geological eras passed, water subsided and with the action of erosion, the land we know as Sedona changed its location and appearance. The red rocks were here long before the first humans arrived in the Sedona area.

The area in and around Sedona has a long history of human inhabitance, dating back to Paleolithic times. Ten thousand years ago the first Paleo-Indians crossed a natural land bridge from Ancient Asia to North America. Around 700A.D, the Hohokam, who lived in the environs of present day Sedona, introduced irrigation farming. The Sinaguans and the Anasazi built multi story pueblos which still stand today. Later, in the 1800’s, prospectors, trappers and pioneers arrived.

People from many different civilizations have walked on the distinctive red soil of Sedona. Ruins in the area are a visible record of the history of a series of inhabitants who lived there long ago. These people built dwellings in the cliffs and created designs and symbols that were etched into (petroglyphs) or drawn on (pictographs) the rock surfaces. Markings on the rocks at one ruin site date back to the Archaic Period (6,000B.C. to 600 A.D.) In the same location, the Anasazi and Sinaguas, and more recently the Apache and Yavapai, created designs. Members from different civilizations came century after century to the same places to create a sacred space. These native societies had both a practical and spiritual relationship with the land. The land was respected for the food and shelter it provided, and was used for spiritual practices. The native people gathered together at the sacred sites they created for ceremonies, healing and to offer prayer. Remnants of these sacred sites can still be found in ruins around Sedona. Today, visitors to Sedona have the unique opportunity to reconnect with the spirituality of the land and walk in the footsteps of those who came before them. In Sedona, visitors can experience the sacredness of the land at ancient ruins or explore the over 100 local hiking trails to intimately connect with nature.

 The author of this article, Cynthia Tierra, is a Universal Shaman and Reiki Master, can be reached at Healing From The Heart, Sedona, AZ, 928.284.0092. Healing From The Heart offers a variety of spiritual experiences that honor the land and its sacred history.


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